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Waptap is a newcomer, but it is already making a name for itself. Waptap is similar to Tiktok, but instead of Tiktok’s restrictions on 18+ content, influencers on Waptap are free to post whatever they want. Waptap is more of a social media site than a true fans site, but we included it at number two because it is unique and solves one of the most difficult problems faced by content creators: where to promote?



What is Waptap?

Waptap is an inclusive, open platform for creators who wish to express themselves in a sex positive, welcoming community. It’s a next gen 18+ social media site that does not place unnecessary restrictions on sexual content posted by it’s users. Waptap also has some exiciting upcoming features, like tipping, paid subscriptions and the ability to sell exclusive content in private chats with other Waptap users.

The team seem to have lots planned, you will see some features on their site that are still to be released, we are expecting big things from waptap in the future.

How does Waptap work?

Similar to Tiktok, Waptap allows creators to post short video clips to their profile which are then made publicly visible on the Waptap feed. Anyone can create an account and anyone can post, like, comment and follow creators. In the future there will also be an option to leave tips for your favorite content. The best part of all, creators are not restricted if their content is too sexy, unlike Tiktok. Waptap is the next step in the natural evolution of adult content creator websites, an innovative combination of video feed UX and creator monetization.

Why use Waptap?

Waptap is an important addition in any content creators toolbox, see why we think so below, we don’t cover every aspect but this should be more than enough to peak your interest. We truly believe that Waptap has the potential to change the entire outlook of our industry and we have already secured our accounts and began testing different strategies using Waptap for promotions.

So far we are having great success, this only makes us more excited about the future possibilities.

Waptap - Great Place to Promote

Great place to promote

The most common complaint we hear from creators is that there aren’t enough places to promote their accounts. Waptap solves this problem by being completely open for posting and promoting. If you have an Alua or an OnlyFans account, you can add a link to your profile to attract new subscribers. Perfect tool to add to your traffic sources for your adult creator accounts.

Waptap - Video Feed

Video feed

Waptap provides users with a modern video feed; studies have shown that videos are up to 10x more engaging to potential new followers than photos. Making Waptaps video feed a great way to attract new followers, keep them engaged and help to push them to your other adult creator sites for monetization. We all know that more followers equals more paying customers, video feeds are the future for gaining and keeping followers.

Waptap is jus the beginning

This is just the beginning

Waptap is not just a video feed app, the company have a lot planned for the future, their goal is to become the #1 18+ social media application. From tipping, to chats and even live video broadcasts, waptap will soon have all the features any creator needs to make it big, get in early and secure your place and your username, don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Waptap - Body positive platform

Waptap – Body positive platform

Waptap is open with regards to 18+ content, the main company policy is to be body positive, if you want to show off what you have then Waptap will not stand in your way. From our experience using Waptap we were very impressed about how open and inclusive the platform was.

How to join Waptap?

Creating a Waptap account is very straightforward, if you are following a creator who is a Waptap member you can sign up from her promo link otherwise you can join easily from, all you need to get started is an email address.

Please note that you must be over 18 years of age to join waptap.

You do not need to be a creator to join waptap, creating content is totally optional, waptap is open for all user types, those who simply want to enjoy adult content from their favorite content creators and those who have a passion for creating content are both equally welcome to sign up.

Our final conclusion is that if you are serious about creating adult content and monetizing your content then you can never have enough sources of traffic, waptap is free, easy to use and has an awesome user experience. We really don’t see any reason not to use it as an extra tool for promotions and increasing your traffic, followers and paying subscribers.

Try it out and let us know what you thought!