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8 OnlyFans Alternatives in 2022

OnlyFans alternatives in 2021

When it comes to platforms for content creators to monetize their content, one of the first places that people go to is OnlyFans. There are other Onlyfans alternatives that can help you grow your audience aside from the better know platform, OnlyFans. Especially with the recent news that OnlyFans will start banning explicit adult content by October. The ban has been suspended now but you never know when they will reverse their decision again.

You might be one of the people looking for an Onlyfans alternatives to keep your content so we’ve compiled a list of other platforms you should definitely check out if you want to grow your subscribers and earn from your media.

What is Alua?

If you’re looking for a mobile-ready platform to host your content, Alua is the place to be. Just like OnlyFans, you can earn from monthly subscriptions to your content. And with iOS and Android apps, you can keep track of your subscribers even while on the go. So, what exactly is Alua? It’s an exclusive fan club that offers premium content to your subscribers. You can monetize your content and also earn from chatting with your fans on the platform. What’s good about Alua is that you can even cash out instantly with a minimum threshold of $20. Most of the content creators are models so if that’s your thing, give Alua a go.

AVN Stars

AVN Stars might already sound familiar since the initials stand for Adult Video News. Being an adult industry giant with years of experience in the business, it makes sense to create an account on a platform such as this one. You can earn through subscriptions to your content, sell individual clips, get tips, and sell access to live videos. If you’re looking to guard your content, there’s also an option to watermark your media so it’s easier to have them taken down should they find their way to a pirate site.


Another alternative is FanCentro. Content creators on the platform can also earn through subscriptions, similar to OnlyFans. They’ve also made it super easy to migrate your content from OnlyFans to FanCentro. Aside from subscriptions, FanCentro allows you to sell individual videos and get tips from your viewers. You can also be part of their model directory so new members can find you and subscribe to your content.


Most people who are looking for OnlyFans alternatives have already come across Fansly. With Fansly, you can set up a tiered subscription to capture both low and high budget fans instead of a flat rate in OnlyFans. Fans can choose to follow you first before subscribing so most content creators really put effort into their content to encourage people to go to the next level and subscribe.


Content creators who are looking to get more subscribers turn to IsMyGirl since they do a pretty good job at promoting their models. You can earn from monthly subscriptions, messages, and requested content. The platform offers a lot of ways to earn money, and you get paid twice a month. Another reason why people opt for IsMyGirl is that part of the deal is helping you get your SnapChat Premium. This makes it easy for those who are already familiar with SnapChat and want to capture those who are already on the platform.


JustFor.Fans, while not top of mind for adult content, is one interesting alternative. It is launched by someone from the adult industry for members of the adult industry. While offering the standard monthly subscriptions, JustFor.Fans also lets you earn by letting others watch your cam, and buy individual clips or even items. Subscribers can pay for access to your Instagram or Snapchat and even sexting. As far as content goes, JustFor.Fans is not only open to adult content, it’s also very kink-friendly, making it a good platform for the more expressive content creators. For those who are just starting out, you can also take advantage of their business directory to connect with your fellow content creators.


One other platform that’s similar to OnlyFans is LoyalFans. In fact, even the name is quite similar making it easy to remember. Just like the former, LoyalFans offer subscriptions for your followers. Followers you may already have on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter to see your exclusive content. You can also provide pay-to-view posts, but most of what you make will likely come from monthly subscriptions paid out twice a month. To attract more subscriptions, you also have the option to post a freebie content to entice viewers passing by on your page to see more. If you have a Twitter account, you can also link your LoyalFans account so whatever you post on there can also be tweeted at the same time.


ManyVids is another great alternative to OnlyFans in 2021 since it offers content creators more ways to monetize their content. You can choose to offer a subscription service, sell individual videos, live stream access, and even items featured in your content. What makes ManyVids stand out from other platforms is that it’s known for its diversity. It is casting a very wide net in terms of attracting audiences. Content creators on the platform range from heterosexual performers to the full sprectrum of the LGBTQ.  In 2021, many platforms are already available to you if you want to create content and earn from it. Take the time to go through them and see which one fits your needs best. But, you don’t necessarily have to just stick to one. If you can have different social media accounts, why can’t you have different content creator platforms?


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