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What Is Manyvids?

Manyvids is another famous adult streaming platform that is fun-filled and can be monetized by content creators.

Like other adult platforms, it is a subscription based, and the fans pay to watch the videos, live streams, and view pictures of their favorite creators.

There are tons of sites like Manyvids, but what makes it stand out from the crowd? You’ll find out in this article. Stick to the end.

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Manyvids was established in 2014 by Bella French, an adult content creator. The platform allows creators to showcase and sell their content to their fans at a stipulated price.

More so, creators are not limited to selling videos and pictures on the platform. They are also allowed to open and run an online shop, offer phone calls, and texting services at a price, and set up a crowdsourcing campaign, amongst others.

How To Make Money On Manyvids

Manyvids is reputable and creator-friendly because it was established by an adult content creator that understands the pains of creators in the industry.

In this section, you’ll discover ways you can make tons of cash on Manyvids. 

ManyVids Live

The Manyvids Live is still in its beta testing stage, but it is fast becoming popular among its users. It is a cam service offered by content creators to their fans. Before a fan can join your Manyvids Live, they will have to pay a fee. That way, you earn extra cash instead of waiting for your content to be up for sale. 

To start a Manyvids Live, you have to click “MV Live Setup.” 

You can also accept fans’ requests to entertain during exclusive and private performances. Plus, if you have an endorsement deal with a brand, you can show it off during Manyvids Live streams.

Manyvids Tube

Manyvids tube is a free adult content-viewing service that is very easy to use. The platform has a strong policy on pirated or stolen content, so fans can be guaranteed of viewing ethical adult content.

The videos uploaded on the platform are up to a minute long, and they are featured in dozens of categories, including MILF, Asian, amateur, and several other fetishes.

The con of this service boils down to the fact that the section is heavily saturated, so it will be difficult for newbies to make a fortune from it.

However, on the brighter side, if your video or picture gets enough views, you get paid for it.


After a careful look at the Manyvids review, here are a few benefits of using the adult streaming platform:

  • Easy to use.
  • Creator friendly.
  • Quick payout.
  • Allows free access to Snapchat adult content.
  • There are hundreds of categories.
  • An inexhaustible list of models to choose from.


  • When scrolling the trans-gender section, you find out that there is hardly a distinction in gender.
  • Very competitive and over-crowded, so it will take time before you start earning.

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Bottom line

Manyvids is a great option if you’re looking to get started with producing adult content for your audience. They are unlike their competitors as they allow you to offer other services besides selling your adult content.


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